Motion of the Earth
Learning that the Earth is not flat is a difficult lesson for many children. Understanding how the Earth rotates and revolves around the Sun is an even harder concept for young minds to grasp. This picture book is a visualisation of those concepts in an intuitive and fun manner, featuring two friends from opposite sides of the Earth: Mia from China and Oliver from Chile. Through the interactions between Mia and Oliver, children learn to comprehend the movement of our planet as a celestial body, and how such motions create distinct four seasons around the globe.
"Mia and Oliver live on opposite sides of the earth. If you drilled through the core of the earth in Beijing and went straight, you would come across Santiago."
"With the flashlight as the sun, the globe is equivalent to the earth.
The flashlight stays still and the globe slowly turns.
Then you will find that some places on the globe are bright and some are dark."
"It is still Christmas Eve in Santiago. 24th of December, Night, 9 p.m. 
Oliver is looking forward to Christmas gifts, what is Mia doing?
It is Christmas morning in Being. 25th of December, Morning, 9 a.m.
Mia received a bear stuffed toy."
"When the earth turns to a different position around the sun, the heat received from the sun is different. Mia and Oliver live in different parts of the earth, and the seasons are naturally different."
"Mia lives in the north, in Beijing, China.
Oliver lives in the south, in Santiago, Chile.
Mia and Oliver live on opposite sides of the Earth, and they both spin round and round…" 
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